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Kevin Smith has been in the news a lot lately and it’s because, while you may not like him, his thoughts and views do have some merit and some people actually care about it. Today, though, Smith is in the news not because he’s directing on another show on The CW, not because he’s reviewed another comic book movie, but because he’s simply being a father to his daughter. Recently, his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, was the latest victim of internet harassment. Like any other father would, Smith responded and what he said should definitely have some people thinking about the next time they want to say something hateful to someone they don’t even know in real life.

For starters, here’s what started the whole thing:

Best known for directing movies like Mall Rats, Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Smith can be known to have quite the potty mouth. But that’s just in the movies. So when someone decided to say some hurtful words about his daughter on an Instagram post, he replied in a way that not many thought he would. In fact, some would say, he’s had one of the best responses to something like this in a long time. Here’s what he had to say via his Facebook page,

“What it’s like to be my daughter: 17 year old @harleyquinnsmith_ received this message simply for the heinous crime of posting a pic of herself on @instagram. I have zero clue what the reference to ?#?TheMatrix? is all about but, wow – way to unload on a teen girl because YOU have nothing to do in life. But even though I should be apoplectic about it, my kid thought it was funny. “I’d be mad if I had a tiny dick and anonymous voice too,” she said, bemused by the bitterness. But here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice for folks like this Troll: if you hate me (or my kid) this much, the better use of your time is to make YOUR dreams come true, instead of slamming others for doing the same. The best revenge is living insanely well – so if you wanna get back at a 17 year old girl for the grievous crime of enjoying her life, the best way to do it is to succeed in your OWN existence. Show the world WHY we should be paying attention to you instead of anyone else. Because randomly attacking others merely communicates how creatively and emotionally bankrupt you are. You think you have something to offer the world but others are getting all the attention? Don’t b–ch or punish the world: just create. Create something nobody’s ever seen before and there is a good chance the world will notice you. Attacking teen girls on the Internet is the saddest form of masturbation that exists and requires no discernible skill or talent. You want attention? Don’t make yourself mad, make something original and fun. Because if you’re not being useful in this world you’re being useless. Don’t be useless: go make stuff that makes people happy!”

Now, before you read this, you probably thought there were going to be some number of F-Bombs, mentioning of various body parts, and then some violent scenario graphically described. In the end, there was almost none of that. It was quite the opposite and some of the best advice that someone could have given to this individual. Why fight hate with more hate? Smith does nothing like that here. Instead, he advises the person to focus their energy in a more positive direction.

Smith isn’t always going to be the savoir when it comes to internet harassment. He did, however, provide a big helping hand in the fight against it. And, just like it was said before, you may not like the man, but some people out there do and are willing to take his word into consideration. Some even listen to him and do what he says. Take for example the one time he told his fans to quit it with the misogyny.

Kevin Smith for President 2020. Yoga Hosers hits theaters on September 2.

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