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For those that haven’t seen actor Henry Cavill outside his movie roles, in Interviews, he is a charming, well-spoken, good-hearted, and very humorous. Natural behavior that has been purposely turned off, either by choice or direction, in his portrayal of Superman in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Fans have criticized at how moody and depressing this new version of the character is, void of the high sense of morality and model of goodness that the character is known for. It would seem had Snyder just let Cavill act more like himself, then fans would have a better represented Superman.  However, the thing about the current Superman many seem to be missing is that we are being told a story that is showing us a journey of Superman – to the Superman fans know and love. That sincere morality and good-heartedness, we’re working towards it.

With Superman set to return in Justice League, after a brief bought with death in the aftermath of BvS, will Supes come back the more wholesome, salt of the earth, man of morality that fans have been invested in seeing?

Hard to say…. but thanks, to new production photos from the set of Justice League, Superman will at least look more the part.

Earlier this week, Henry Cavill teased a black superman suit, which had many fans convinced Superman’s return would draw inspiration from The Reign of Superman comic. This series of books had immediately followed the “The Death of Superman” event book, where Superman had died in his fight with Doomsday. In Reign of Superman, Supes is resurrected by the Kryptonian “Ressurection Matrix” and returns, in a much-weakened state, sporting an all-black special regenerative/healing suit.  And just ’cause coming out to ACDC’s “back in black” wasn’t cool enough, Supes also rocked a not so regrettable mullet which lasted for a good part of the 90’s. However, new set photos have instead, revealed a more classic look…

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The photos come from Jessica Hart who was able to plan a special trip for two kids to visit the set of the movie. During their time on set, they got the chance to meet Cavill in full costume. In the photo, not only is he in the regular suit he has donned in the past, but there is something familiar…

Notice what’s different? Well besides that fact that he is cracking a half-formed smile, Cavill is sporting the classic spit-curl in his hair doo, which up until now, has been absent in both Man of Steel and BvS.

It is quite interesting that this photo surfaced just a few days after Cavill teased an alternate black suit for Superman. Was Cavill just trolling when he Instagrammed the black suit tease or is emo Supes maybe where he starts out in the movie, and then resurfaces later in more signature style? Maybe it’s neither, maybe this pic of the #spitcurl was just a rogue batch of hair in between takes?

Whatever story arc takes shape for Superman in Justice League, that spit curl makes for a huge improvement.

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