New Marvel Show Will “Runaway” To Hulu


Looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon have another sandbox to play in. Currently, we have the feature films on the big screen. On the small screen, we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and will soon have Damage Control (in development) on ABC. Marvel also has an untitled show in development by John Ridley (rumored long to be Kamala Khan) on ABC as well. On the Netflix side of the television world, we have the more gritty and “street level” superheroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher. Marvel also has Cloak and Dagger on Freeform which will follow the heroes Cloak and Dagger described as a “superhero love story” with a YA twist. Now it looks like we will have yet another show for the small screen. This one will appear on the streaming service Hulu.

Marvel announced today that they have ordered a pilot for an adaptation of Runaways for Hulu. The critically acclaimed comic series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona centered around a group of teenagers who discover that all of their parents are a part of an evil crime organization called “The Pride” and they team together using their inherited superpowers to take on their parents, essentially “running away” hence the title. The potential series will be run by Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage, Marvel Television and ABC Signature. Both Schwartz and Savage are eager to bring the famed comic book to television.

“I’m a long-time fan of Runaways and couldn’t be more excited to bring Brian and Adrian’s characters to life.”

“Josh and I can’t wait to get to work for Marvel and Hulu.”

Jeph Loeb, EP and Head of Marvel Television is very much excited about bringing The Runaways to the small screen.

“We’ve known the Runaways‘story would make great television. And being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie — who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience — write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable.”

Schwartz and Savage will operate showrunners for the show. They will also be the Executive Producers along with Loeb and Jim Chory (who was a producer for Daredevil).

With the success of Iron Man back in 2008, Runaways was considered for a follow-up feature film. There was even a point when James Gunn was attached to adapt the comic to a film but he instead did Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, the film was never made. There were some fans who thought the show would be better served as a TV series and with the success of the Netflix series, many thought it would have been perfect to appear on the streaming service. It comes as somewhat a surprise that the show will appear on Hulu, which until today did not have any Original Series centering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that has now changed.

Hopefully, the show will have a considerable budget given that the characters have superpowers like flight, solar energy manipulation, super strength, electricity, controlling plants, vampirism, and shape-shifting. It’ll be interesting if they keep Xavin as a member of the Skrulls or change Xavin’s history due to rights issues. Keep in mind one of the other characters (Old Lace) is a telepathic velociraptor from the 87th century, so a considerable CGI budget will be needed. Given that Runaways are a diverse group, it will be interesting to have a wide range of characters along the lines of race, sexuality, and gender. Hopefully, the show will spare no expenses and give this property the treatment it deserves as it is a fan-favorite!

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