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Fans of the The Big Lebowski (which should include anyone with good taste) may remember a character by the name of ‘The Jesus’. He was a bowling rival to the titular character and just happened to be played by John Turturro. Now, if the rumors are correct, The Jesus may be making his way back to the big screen via a spin-off centered around his character.

Sound too bizarre to be real? Well, as the story goes, Turturro has been busy filming a movie called Going Places. It’s a remake of a French sex farce by the name of Les Valseuses which was made back in 1974. But some folks from the set of this flick are saying that the movie actually has The Jesus as one of the main characters. And while the Coen Bros. aren’t involved in the project, it wouldn’t be surprising if Turturro was making it with their blessing, considering their past relationship with the actor.

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The flick is being made from a script penned by Turturro and is also being directed by the man himself. Other cast members include Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man), Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and Susan Sarandon (from so many movies I can’t choose one). The story is said to revolve around a couple of criminals who compete with each other to give a woman her first orgasm. Said woman is Tautou. Sarandon comes into it as another criminal who just got out of prison and somehow gets wrapped up in all this nonsense.

And nonsense it certainly is. Though with Turturro’s influence we could be looking at an almost-20-years-later, foreign film adaptation, spin-off monstrosity that could prove to be quite entertaining.

Remember, though, that this is just a rumor coming down the Internet pipeline. It could be that Turturro is doing nothing of the sort. But if he is dipping his hands into this sort of madness, it could very well be the kind of madness that Lebowski fans everywhere have been waiting for.

What say thee, O’ Nerd Readers? Sound like something you’d want to take a look at? Or is this just a giant pile of rancid cow shit? Remember what The Jesus said before you answer that question…

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