There’s a new video featuring a collection of fan theories about Stranger Things that will change how you look at the fantastic Netflix series. We don’t even want to go into it yet because it is full of spoilers that anyone who hasn’t seen Stranger Things yet shouldn’t see until they sit down and binge watch the entire series in one sitting. They’ll plan to just watch one episode to check out what everyone is talking about, but soon enough it will be four in the morning and they’ll be thinking of calling in sick to work so they can watch the last couple episodes. For those of us that have watched the series, this video will send you right back to watch the series again, looking for clues.

OK HERE’S ANOTHER SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE THAT DON’T KNOW HOW SPOILER WARNINGS WORK. CLICK THROUGH AT YOUR OWN RISK.Now we can talk about Eleven and her relationship to the monster. That’s the crux of this collection of fan theories that when put together make a horrifying amount of sense. We’ll meet you on the other side.

Wow, if that didn’t send chills down you back watching it then I don’t know what will. Now go back and re-watch the series with that theory in mind. You’ll find it changes a lot of things in the story subtly and very powerfully.

What might this theory mean for the second season?

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