For years and years, talk of a Beetlejuice sequel kept happening with absolutely no indication that it was any closer to becoming a reality. It’s a blessing and a curse because honestly who wants to see a sub-par sequel to Beetlejuice? On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to see more Beetlejuice? Perhaps this solution is the best of both worlds. Evidently, there’s a Beetlejuice musical in development to make its Broadway bow sometime in the 2018/2019 season, part of a never-ending trend now of turning beloved and popular movies into lavish stage musicals.

This news comes not from an official announcement, but from a New York Post article saying that stage director Alex Timbers (Rocky: The Musical) has been replaced as the director of the live stage version of Frozen; the Beetlejuice musical was mentioned as a project Timbers may be working on instead. Timbers left Frozen reportedly because the size and scope of the production was said to overwhelm him, which is understandable as Disney never does anything small. Having said that though, it makes you wonder about how big a Beetlejuice staging might be on the Great White Way. Maybe there’s just less pressure on the production as one is based on a 30-year-old cult classic, and the other is based on a billion dollar animated juggernaut with a soundtrack every kid knows by heart.

There’s no word on an exact start date for auditions, rehearsals, or when tickets might go on sale for the start of the musical’s theatrical run, but a lot of Beetlejuice fans are undoubtedly now looking forward to it. Beetlejuice has a definite over-the-top vibe to it that makes it perfect for musical adaptation, and there’s already a full-blown musical number in the film thanks to Harry Belafonte and spiritual possession. The Beetlejuice story, plus some catchy musical numbers, might make a very interesting and enjoyable Broadway show, but it looks like it might be a while before we find out…

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