Captain America: Civil War comes out on video in a couple of weeks, so it seems like an excellent time to look back and consider all the things that weren’t in the movie. Yes, there were ideas and characters that were rumored to be a part of the story, and that’s despite the fact it had two teams of Avengers, a new villain, and no less than two major new heroes that were introduced. Civil War was stuffed, but how much more stuffed could have been in it? Joe and Anthony Russo address that in a recent interview, and they also discussed their thoughts about Spider-Man: Homecoming.

First things first though, what other characters were the Russos considering for Civil War? Well, when it was announced that William Hurt would be reprising his Incredible Hulk role as “Thunderbolt” Ross, there were some that wondered if this was a backdoor way of getting a Hulk into the picture. Ross, after all, became the Red Hulk in the comics, so why couldn’t he in the movies? Timing, is the reason said one of the Russos to

“We had so many characters in that movie as it was. We consider everything, obviously, but with so many characters in that movie as it was to try and entertain adding another character and to get to the Red Hulk, you have to add a back story,” Joe Russo explained. “You have to substantiate the narrative to get to that. [Thaddeus Ross], on our list of priorities, he was there sort of as the government’s agenda and not to add another complicated super powered character to the mix. We spent the last six to eight months crafting stories around the cornucopia of characters at our disposal so anything is possible.”

So that leaves the door open to a future Red Hulk appearance, but let’s consider this, an aspect to the comic book Civil War that was obviously left out of the movie one: Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit. “Again, that falls in that category of anything’s possible. We consider everything,” said Joe Russo.

Speaking of Spider-Man, the brothers were asked about their thoughts on the upcoming solo Spider-Man, which is probably fairly important to them given the fact that they won high praise for rebooting the character in Civil War. So what do they think? “I think the tone and the direction that [Jon Watts]’s heading in that movie are fantastic,” said Joe Russo. “I think it has the potential to be the best Spider-Man yet, and I know that’s saying a lot because perhaps my favorite comic book movie of all time is [Sam] Raimi’s Spider-Man 2.”

That’s a lot to put on the shoulders of Homecoming director Watts, but they say he’s more than up to the job. “[Joe and I] love him. We think he’s an incredibly talented filmmaker, super bright guy,” said Anthony Russo. “He’s crazy talented, the script is amazing, and we have really high expectations for the movie.”

Captain America: Civil War will be available on DVD and Blu-ray September 13; Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theaters everywhere July 2017.

Sources: MovieWeb and GeekTyrant

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