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Are you getting tired of the usual superhero summer movie glut from Marvel and DC? John Oliver thinks there just might be enough of you out there ready for something new and he’s just the guy to pitch you and hopefully a bored studio executive wandering Youtube. Quick, ease up from your chair, look over the top of your cubicle and make sure the coast is clear, then take a couple of minutes out of your hectic work day to watch this video pitch. It’s the smart way to start your work week.

That’s Oliver on the right in a shark costume. He’s pranking the Yankee’s ultra expensive premium field level seats that run from $500 to 2,500 bucks a shot. Oliver bought up those tickets for a few days in a row and sold them to fans dressed in the most ridiculous costumes for 25 cents. That’s just one of those things Oliver does, he once bought up $15 million dollars worth of medical debt for pennies on the dollar for $60,000 and simply forgave it.

Check out Oliver’s answer to the same old superhero glut.

I would watch that.

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