Exactly 25 years ago, the biggest hit of the summer was Terminator 2: Judgment Day. T2 was the bigger, bombastic sequel to James Cameron’s relatively small indie hit from 1984, The Terminator, and it was such a smash success that numerous studios, directors and producers have chased the dragon of its box office karma for the last two-and-a-half decades. Considering that the three subsequent Terminator movies were each greeted with increasing levels of disinterest, perhaps it’s a good idea then to revisit past glories. A new version of T2 featuring a 3-D conversion will be released sometime next year, and to wet your whistle, a new poster’s been released that not only invokes classic Arnold Schwarzenegger, but invokes classic 3-D as well.

Courtesy of Facebook, the new poster was revealed yesterday, on the 19th anniversary of Skynet gaining sentience and nuking the globe in an event that’s come to be known as Judgment Day. Of course, that didn’t actually happen in real-life, but the date is still highly significant because it was around this time in 2016 that the 3-D T2 was expected to open in theaters. The delay has not been explained, and as you can tell on the poster below, there’s no indication about when the movie will actually be re-released.


The image is simple but effective, and you can’t help but see how the red and blue subtly highlighting Schwarzenegger as a cute nod to the old-fashioned blue and red 3-D glasses. As for the movie itself, it would seem apropos for it to be re-released next summer in time to mark the 20th anniversary of Judgment Day not happening in reality. The 4K restoration and 3D conversion of Cameron’s Titanic made $343 million worldwide with nearly half of that coming from China alone. Considering that Terminator: Genisys could barely break even, spending a couple of million to upgrade the presentation of T2 seems like a no-brainer way to make some Terminator cash.

We’ll keep you updated with new developments as they become available.

Source: MovieWeb

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