As the summer is coming to an end, a little retrsopect on this year’s summer blockbuster candidates were quite a bummmer, with none of the hyped films really living up to the praise. This isn’t to say there weren’t any good films, but many were rather forgettable as soon as you left the theater. Of course, one of the films that received some flak this summer was, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft. The big-screen adaptation of the beloved fantasy computer game of the same name, suffered a horrendous fate at the box office, but only in the U.S., which leads many to speculate whether the film will live on to see a sequel.

While Warcraft, budgeted at 160 million, tanked at the U.S. box office raking in only 47 million, it soared overseas making 158 million in China alone. The trend continued in European markets totaling their rake in across the board at  an estimated 433 million. Even though many will say what they like about the film, it does say something about the market when Warcraft can break box-office records in China and fellow overseas markets, which isn’t a simple thing to do with Hollywood-based films.

Director Duncan Jones talked about his overall feelings on the film stating:

“I’m equally proud and furious about Warcraft. I love it. I spent so much time on it. I put all my heart into trying to make it work. Parts of it, I think, work but it also drives me crazy that I wasn’t able to push through everything that I knew needed to happen in order to make the film I knew it could be.”

Of course Jones, goes on to discuss his possible plans for a sequel:

“If there were an opportunity for us to make another film in the Warcraft universe I really feel like we did the hard work in the first movie as far as setting the table. I would love to capitalize on three-and-a-half years of hard work and be able to have some fun in that world now that I’ve done the hard work. [So] who knows? Maybe I’m just being a masochist.”

The Chinese box office is expected to trump ours by 2017, so while many news affiliates have speculated that releasing Warcraft 2 would be better there instead of in the U.S., is still up in the air. The country does have the largest player base of the original game out of the entire world, so yes, common sense would say release it there.

Of course Forbes points out that even though it seems like an obvious choice to release where it was the most well-received, that people shouldn’t be fooled by the big box office numbers. The film barely hit 50% of its money in China alone, due to the fact that the territory tends to give 25% of the ticket sale back to the studios.

Truth is,  I quite enjoyed Warcraft as a film and was shocked to see it bomb so badly in the US, I wouldn’t mind seeing it continue on. If the only solution is overseas, then that is probably  the best bet.  Breaking even vs. getting no money and killing the franchise; now that is the real decision that the studio will ruminate over if they plan to continue. What are your thoughts: Is it best to continue the series or let it die? Leave your comments below.

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