Fans Beg Netflix to Make Thor and Darryl a Thing

Thor and Darryl

Though the iconic Asgardian hero is never too far from any true Marvel fan’s attention, Thor hasn’t had that much of a role in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe recently. His last solo movie, Thor: The Dark World, came out in 2013. That’s a full three years ago, if you can believe it. It doesn’t feel like it. Though it makes sense that he would be somewhat preoccupied, what with his new movie Thor: Ragnarok due out in 2017, a lot of fans were confused not to see him weigh in with the other Avengers in the conflict that rocked Captain America: Civil War.

Worries were put to rest at Comic Con this year, with the release of a new video that showed just what he has up to in his spare time. Turns out, it didn’t bother him at all – really, not a teeny tiny bit – that he wasn’t involved in the Captain America movie. He’s been chilling, getting some down time, learning what it’s like to live on Earth like an average Joe. His new roommate, Darryl, has been helping him get to grips with some of the trickier bits and pieces – like showing him how to deal with electronic mail.

He still prefers his ravens to a mobile phone, though.

Fans fell in love with it immediately.

Thor’s naïveté is just too adorable and the little bromance he has going on with Darryl makes everyone feel a little fuzzy inside. A Norse god of legend and an ordinary Australian office worker. They’re the original odd couple. Sort of.

One dedicated fan went so far as to start a petition to see more of the two of them. With 1,000 signatures, the petition will have all the votes it needs to ask Netflix to create a series based on this one quirky little short. Hundreds of people have already come forward to add their names to the list – check it out here if you want to be one of them.

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