Growing up, Indiana Jones was a hero to many. Whether you saw one his of many adventures play out on the big screen or took time to watch it with the whole family when it was on television, Indiana Jones is a name synonymous with having a great time. Raiders Of The Lost Ark was the first adventure for a lot of fans, but it was The Temple Of Doom that really made Indy a household name. And then from there it was The Last Crusade that had jaws of children and adults dropping as he took a leap of faith in order to find the Holy Grail. While his time with aliens wasn’t quite the treasure fans were looking for, maybe this animated movie is. From the mind and drawings of Patrick Schoenmaker, comes a new telling of everyone’s favorite archaeologist.

It all started with Shoenmaker was asked to turn Indiana Jones into an animated figure by Lucasfilm and ACME Archives around the release of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Lucasfilm never had any intention of turning it’s hero into an animated figure, but Shoenmaker decided to continue with the idea and about eight years later, this is the end result.

Here is a look at the original print Shoenmaker made for ACME Archives:

In addition, Shoenmaker also had this to say regarding his passion project,

“Indiana Jones must have been my first true movie hero ever since I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on a VCR way back when. Yes, some other heroes came and went, but Indy always held a special place. After Crystal Skull was released, my love for the character was once again fully ignited and with no new movies on the horizon back then, I decided to set up an Indiana Jones project of my own to keep the fire burning a little bit longer. So, that was back in 2011 and ‘a little bit longer’ turned into 5 years of hard work. The end of the project is finally in sight.”

Lucasfilm may not have been interested in the idea of an animated Indiana Jones, but now that the rights are owned by Disney, hopefully this project catches their attention. A series of animated Indy movies is one thing, but the prospect of a kids show could catch the attention of many more. It would also makes things a little easier since none of the original actors are getting any younger. Maybe there was a time when Shia Labeouf could have stepped in and taken over the reins but that’s of course come and gone, and with his latest rant, all but a dream.

If all things fail, and Disney doesn’t step in, someone should tell Shoenmaker that Netflix and Amazon are great places to pitch ideas.

The untitled animated Indiana Jones project debuts on September 29. For more details, as well as where to watch it, check out Patrick Schoenmaker‘s website here.

Source: Slashfilm

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