Disney’s upcoming animated feature is taking us on an all new adventure to the islands of the Pacific Ocean. While we’ve had a taste of the  beautiful scenery and lead characters that Moana has in store to flesh out, the new trailer finally gives us the overall plot of the film. Moana and the demi-god Maui are going to go on an action-adventure together larger than Frozen. Check it out below.

Moana is a hero’s journey, but in this case, the hero isn’t the demi-god, but the girl who goes in search of him in order to save her island. This Odyssey-like adventure told in the South Pacific, follows the two as they travel across the ocean, encountering different creatures, ocean adventures, and unearthing powers to control the ocean along the way. The most interesting thing about Moana is that, while the journey looks to be massive  in scale, the character story is rather tight knit.

While we expect to meet several supporting characters in Moana’s village, once the journey begins, it appears to focus entirely on two characters. Three if you count the hilarious rooster voiced by Alan Tudyk. In Pixar fashion, just like in their last female-led film, there doesn’t seem to be an apparent villain in the traditional Disney sense. There will be plenty of obstacles on the high seas, and at least one massive lava monster, that looks more like a mindless beast than a character with a voice and a personality. The end indicates that there is definitely more to come, as our heroic pair jumps into the “Realm of Monsters”. This part of the film opens up numerous possibilities for where the story might go.

Moana’s story is set to focus on a part of Polynesian history where the islanders seemed to stop traveling the oceans and how the people of the islands took to the water once again. If you’re a fan of  Disney princess’, Disney musicals, or just their animation, Moana looks to have something for everybody. As a happy brown-girl, it is amazing to see a lead character that I can excitedly dress up and relate to.  Moana will be in theaters on November 23.

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