As Marvel Studios’ “Phase Three continues on, the next film on deck in Doctor Strange. Departing from aliens, super soldiers and the like, we now will be going into the world of the mystical and alternate dimensions. Doctor Strange promises to pull all stops and shows us a visual feat with mind-bending special effects as we get to see Stephen Strange, the Ancient One, and much more in the world of the mystical.

Marvel just released a new featurette surrounding the upcoming film.

The featurette showcases the actors in the film including Benedict Cumberbatch , Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams , Tilda Swinton, as well as Marvel producer Kevin Feige as they discuss the plot for the upcoming film. Doctor Stephen Strange was once a brilliant neurosurgeon who once gets into a car crash, loses the ability to help people by use of his hands. Wanting to fix himself, he exhausts all his resources until at his wit’s end goes to Nepal and meets The Ancient One and learns about the world of sorcery. They are advertising the film very much as a hero’s journey as he goes from rock bottom to master of his own destiny. The featurette also showcases the film villains led by Mads Mikkelsen who want to use sorcery for their own nefarious purposes. Doctor Strange must step up to the plate to help save all of existence.

The film promises action, drama, comedy, and a grand adventure! Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th.


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