Whatever else you might say about the movie, Suicide Squad – for better or worse – definitely had a distinct look. The bubblegum splashes of colour dance across a grim background of crime and depravity creating a juxtaposition that has definitely captured the world’s attention. As well as standing out from the other films released at the time, it also had enough of a visual personality to be fairly distinctive when surrounded by the other superhero movies in the limelight round about now.

But it could have looked quite different.

Well, a handful of the characters could have – but there’s no saying that those changes wouldn’t have had a significent impact on the rest of the movie.

Concept artist Stephen Martiniere has uploaded a lot of his original pieces to his website, showing what could have become of Enchantress, Katana and the movie’s mysterious second villain, Incubus. Karen Fukuhara‘s Katana wouldn’t have changed a whole lot, though there may be an alternate universe in which she doesn’t wear a mask. But Cara Delavigne‘s Enchantress could have turned out very differently – in a whole host of different ways, with different crowns and gowns and colour schemes explored in a number of varied images. The drawings of Incubus are incredibly detailed and also explore a few different options for how he could have ended up.

It’s interesting to think about the kind of changes the movie as a whole might have gone through if these characters looked different. Of course, most would probably be largely superficial – but, in a film that has such a vivid focus on action – the way that may have translated into the fighting and the destruction is definitely some cool food for thought.

An album full of Suicide Squad art is just below, and more of Martiniere’s work can be found on his website, including plans for the Shanghai Disney Resort and concept art for Fallout 4 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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