When Netflix outbid Channel 4 for Charlie Brooker‘s cult phenomenon of a dark comedy television series Black Mirror, it promised great things for the future of the show. Brooker and Annabel Jones, the shows’ other executive producer, were given total creative control over the content of the series, as well as a much bigger budget to play with than Channel 4 could offer. The show explores the nature of the modern world, how the rampaging advence of technology impacts the human experience. It invites you to watch as the end of the world unfolds, not through some aggressive outside force, but through insidious means that people welcome with open arms…With just a couple of weeks to go before the new season is released – the third season is due to go live on Netflix on October 21st 2016 – a new trailer has been released that offers a glimpse of what we can expect.

From the few minutes of footage included, it already promises that the show will be as dark and creepy as ever, showing humanity’s weaknesses exploited – showing people shatter when they let their vanity control them, their gullibility, their insecurity. It certainly seems like they’ve been putting the extra budget to good use, with some exceptional actors making an appearance and stunning use of CGI.

Recently, many sources have reported that Netflix has renewed Black Mirror already for a fourth seasons. Strictly speaking, this is true, as a fourth season is due for release at some point in the future. However, rather than commissioning another season, Netflix has split the twelve episodes initially expected to make up season three into two separate seasons of six episodes each.

And that’s not everything on the horizon for the show.

In 2013, Robert Downey Jr optioned the rights to the third episodes of the first season of Black Mirror, “The Entire History of You”, to be made into a film exploring the ramifications of the episode in more detail. The episode follows a young lawyer called Liam as he uses a device implanted in him to watch back moments from his life: “re-dos”. He ends up both fuelling his own anxiety and uncovering terrible secrets about his family. Based on the technology introduced in the episode, the movie is planned to explore the story of a widower who, through watching re-dos of his dead wife, stumbles upon a vast conspiracy. Downey Jr’s movie will be made by his own production company Team Downey in conjunction with Warner Bros and has the writer of the original episode, Jesse Armstrong, on board to write the script.

While there is not a yet a release date for the movie, the new season gets a little closer every day and, in the meantime, there is this delicious trailer to keep us titillated.

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