“Love is in the air everywhere I look around/Love is in the air every sight and every sound.” Love was definitely in the air during tonight’s episode of The Flash. Barry and Iris seemed to be settling well into their relationship. Although, there were a few hiccups. Wally and Jesse were getting closer to each other, but you wouldn’t have guessed that it would be Wally who would end up placing Jesse in the friend zone. Joe and D.A. Cecil exchanged a few looks at each other hinting at a possible future relationship. The only question is when are Cisco and Caitlin Snow going to finally realize their love for one another?

Tonight’s episode, titled “The New Rogues,” begins with some very familiar faces as Captain Cold makes a cameo. It turns out he and Mirror Master were once associates. That is, until he turned on him right before the particle accelerator explosion which then left him stuck in a mirror with his newly founded powers and thus becoming the villain he’s known as today. Fast forward to the present day, and the Mirror Master has finally been let loose, and the first thing he sets out to do is find Leonard Snart. He soon discovers that Snart is no where to be found, he heads to Iron Heights to let his old girlfriend out. She now goes by the name “Top” after she gained the ability to give her victims a terrible case of vertigo.

Eventually the two start where they left off and begin a bit of a crime spree. Of course, The Flash and Jesse Quick soon arrive at the scene of the time. The pairs square off and Mirror Master proves that he’s more than just a person who can move to and from reflective surfaces. He gives Barry a run for his money with his speed through various mirrors. Meanwhile, Jesse and Top square off on the roof of a nearby building. Top uses her powers to knock Jesse off the building, but Barry is there to save her. Immediately after, Mirror Master throws Barry into a mirror and the scarlet speedster is now at a halt.  The crew is able to take The Flash back to the lab where they discover by freezing the glass to extremely cold temperatures, they’ll be able to set Barry free. Cisco and Harrison’s device fails, but Caitlin is able to secretly freeze the glass allowing Barry to escape his mirror death trap. While stuck inside the mirror, Barry is able to devise a trap which inevitably captures Mirror Master and Top. The episode ends with scenes of Caitlin’s powers manifesting more and more beyond her will. Does this mean Killer Frost will be making an appearance soon? Hopefully Snow will come out with the truth before any damage is done.

This wasn’t the most action packed episode of The Flash, but if you’re into progressive story telling, then this one was for you. There was a bit of everything and it was good to see the show move forward with these stories. They were going to have to do it at some point, so why not take care of things at the beginning of the season. Once again, Barry and Iris proved to be the power couple showing how they can deal with even the most awkward of situations. It’s hard to believe that this is the same Iris West (Candice Patton) fans are watching considering how weak her character was in the first season. Look for her to continue her streak as the season goes on.

Mirror Master was a good villain, but felt more like a villain of the week on the show. However, if the title is any indication, this is just the start of many things to come. In the comics, the original Rogues Gallery consisted of characters like Captain Cold, Top, and Mirror Master. The crew also included members such as Pied Piper, Professor Zoom, and Weather Wizard. However, these characters are currently incapacitated or out of commission. So it’ll be interesting to see who will join the gang, if any decide to do so.

The big Easter Egg this week comes in the form of the new Harrison Wells. In case you’ve already forgotten, Wells from Earth-2 has decided to go back with Jesse to work on taking down crime on their world. However, someone comes up with the idea to replace him with one from another Earth. Having access to the multiverse, why not take advantage of it? They eventually settle on a Harrison Wells from Earth-19. Earth-19 is home to Batman and the rest of the Gotham crew so many are familiar with. Keep an ear out for any clues or hints regarding Bruce Wayne and company. They may not be in the form of an actual name, but it could be something closely related.

On a rare scale of one to ten, this week’s episode ranks at a 6.5. It was a good introduction to a great villain. The love stories usually take a back seat to other stories that are told but they’re sometimes necessary to tell in order to provide growth for your characters. In this episode they took a front seat. On a final note, the show has done a great job of teasing Caitlin and her powers and what may become of the whole situation. Are fans going to see the emergence of Killer Frost? Or will Caitlin be able to retain some good in her? After a bit of research, the signs are not looking good for Snow.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Here’s a preview of next week’s new episode titled, “Monster.”

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