November’s almost upon us, which means it’s once again time for us to once again sit and watch the Charlie Brown specials for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. These specials are a somewhat of a cultural event giving us a blast from the past and fill us with nostalgia. Another cultural event that recently gave us a mega dose of nostalgia was the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez created the perfect mashup of the Peanuts Gang and Stranger Things on their YouTube channel OnlyLeigh, where they make many animated shorts. Check out the tribute titled “A Stranger Things Christmas.”

The short focuses on Will Byers as he is having trouble adjusting to life after being rescued in the Upside Down. The gang’s all there Will, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, and even Will’s mom done in Peanuts fashion. The Demogorgon even makes a cameo Snoopy style. Eventually, Will realizes that what matters is spending time with the people he loves to support him. Hopefully, we’ll have the same type of happy ending next season!

Stranger Things returns for a second season next year on Netflix.

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