Have you been enjoying Westworld? HBO hopes you have. They’re kind of in desperate need of a new drama hit with Game of Thrones winding down in the last couple of years, and with Netflix nipping at their heels as TV’s drama destination. So how is Westworld working for HBO? So far so good. The show seems to be generating a lot of discussion about its various mysteries online, but there’s still been no renewal announcement from the cable outlet, and these days if you’re not renewed immediately, then you’re on the bubble. So what’s the deal? When will Westworld score that vaunted renewal notice for season two?

According to Casey Bloys, the head of HBO, they’re waiting for “a very complete picture of the ratings,” before proceeding with another season of Westworld. They’re also waiting for co-showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy to finish plotting their plan for season two and pitch it to the decision-makers at HBO.

Likely that pitch will involve what new mysteries in the titular park will be explored, and what mysteries will remain to be unsolved after season one. If you’re a Westworld fan with a lot of questions on your mind, Bloys feels you pain, and he told Variety that there will be answers before the season is over, some of which may have already been guessed, in part, by fans and their theories.

I think questions will be answered. I love reading the fan theories online. I think it’s great the way people have engaged. I’m just pleased to see the reception from an engagement point of view, and that it has started all of these conversations. I think people will get the answers they’re looking for by the end of Season One. A lot of the ones that people are buzzing about. […]

There are a lot of theories out there, and with some of them, I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve constructed the guesses. I’ll just say, they’re getting close … From a mystery point of view and a story point of view, I think you will get — I don’t know if “answers” is the right word, but maybe it’s “satisfaction.”

Westworld continues to “satisfy” Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.

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