Last month, Netflix’s teaser trailer for Lemony Snickett’s a Series of Unfortunate Events set pulses racing using only an empty set, the gravel-voiced tones of Patrick Warburton’s Lemony Snickett, and a slightly haunting, whimsical sing-song voice wafting in from somewhere off-camera. This week Netflix have finally given us a glimpse of the owner of that voice, that most dastardly of villains, the dreaded Count Olaf. From the tantalizing glimpse the trailer affords us, it seems that Neil Patrick Harris will be channeling the count in all his sinister glory, and the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans are going to be in deep, deep trouble when they fall into his clutches. 

We got our first look at Neil Patrick Harris’ count back in April, through photos taken on the Vancouver set, but it’s quite another thing to see him in motion, silhouetted against an attic window and looming over the intimidated orphans. Netflix have also made new images of the Count available, so that you can view him in all his creepy, monobrowed glory.

In addition to the Count, the new trailer gives us a glimpse of two of the orphans. The bookish Klaus Baudelaire, played by Louis Hynes, and Malina Weissman’s Violet Baudelaire, whose ingenious inventions must keep her siblings one step ahead of the count, and his insatiable desire for their inherited fortune.

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