New Line Cinema to Release J R R Tolkein Biopic


Founding member of the Inklings, the youngest professor to teach at the University of Leeds and a legend of high fantasy whose legacy has forged the genre, J R R Tolkein had one of the most incredible minds that England has ever produced. His fascination with language and linguistics has resulted in such a resounding impact on literature that his influence can be traced in almost every fantasy story created today. Even though he died more than forty years ago, his novels are still consistent best sellers and their movie adaptations have always been enormous box office smash hits, even before the era of epic CGI.

A glimpse into the mind that came up not only with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but a myriad of fantastical worlds, stories, characters and languages that endure to this day, is sure to be a fascinating thing. After all, there are very few people out there who can claim to have even a fraction of the influence that John Ronald Reuel Tolkein has had on the world around them.

As a tribute to the writer and an exploration of his life and work, New Line Cinema are working on a movie of his life.

Written by Angus Fletcher and currently titled Middle Earth, the film will explore everything from Tolkein’s time fighting in the First World War to the world that inspired his novels. Along the way, it will tell the story of his relationship with his wife, which began when the two of them as teenagers spent an afternoon flicking sugar cubes into the hats of passing strangers and was disrupted for a full three years by his guardian, who disapproved of Tolkein’s affection for a Protestant woman and banned him from speaking to her until he came of age at 21.

Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne will be producing the biopic, with James Strong signed up to direct.

For fans of fantasy, this movie could offer an incredible insight in the mind of the father of the genre. With a starting point as rich and gripping as Tolkein’s life story, it’s bound to be one to look out for.

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