The latest episode of AMC‘s The Walking Dead just might have a secret or two that fans have uncovered. Daryl (Norman Reedus) didn’t do much talking when he was brought to Alexandria with the Saviors to clean the place out. What he did do was a heck of a lot of blinking. So much in fact that some fans thought it might be Daryl trying to communicate with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) without Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) knowing. Click through to check out this new fan theory.


The Morse Code board pictured above was seen early in the episode when Michonne was grabbing her rifle to go practice her marksmanship, which is very, very bad. Does this mean the gang had some plan to communicate if needed? Here’s Daryl “talking” with Rick.

Now the sun is bright, but it isn’t that bright. Some fans have been trying to translate Daryl’s blinks and think he is signaling ‘6 miles east of Hilltop’ possibly the Savior stronghold is located? Or he might be warning them that Hilltop is next to be visited.

What do you think? That might change what everyone thinks Rick is really doing. Could there be some plan behind everything?

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