One of the coolest things about the “Arrowverse” is that almost every day this week, you get to see a DC TV show on the CW. On Mondays, you get a new episode of Supergirl. One Tuesdays, you get a new episode of The Flash. On Wednesdays, you get a new episode of Arrow. Finally, on Thursday, you get a new episode of Legends of Tomorrow. It’s great because no matter what, you’ll be able to experience a DC adventure almost every day of the week. However, when shows return after their mid-season break, there will be some shifting around.

The DC shows aren’t the only ones in the CW’s stable. Early next year, shows like The 100, iZombie, Reign, The Originals, and the new show based on the old Archie comics Riverdale will also be there and things will be crowded every day of the week. The CW has announced their premiere dates for all these shows. With Riverdale taking over Thursday nights at 9:00 PM, CW moved Supernatural up to 8:00 PM, which is Legends of Tomorrow’s spot. As a result, Legends of Tomorrow will be moved to Tuesday nights following The Flash.

Now this might work in Legends of Tomorrow’s favor. Having the show follow such a successful show like The Flash will help increase/maintain ratings for the show. After all, Legends of Tomorrow is the only show not based on an existing comic property and could be argued as the weakest link of all the DC CW shows. Following Barry Allen and Team Flash might be a good idea for the riders of The Wave Rider. It can also make crossover episodes flow easier as well.

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