Was Finding Dory necessary? Was it not an obvious cash grab from Disney hungry with sequel fever? The answers to those questions are “no” and “of course”. Regardless, that didn’t stop this Finding Nemo sequel from swimming its way into people’s hearts and wallets, netting over 900 mil with the world wide box office. Another monster hit from Disney and Pixar. But was this movie as good as people remember? Does playing it back still leave you all warm a fuzzy? Well, of course, it’s a Disney movie… their designed to make audience laugh and cry. But, that doesn’t make them immune from criticism. And who better to tear apart a beloved children’s movies the funny bastards at Screen Junkies with their brutally critical Honest Trailers. Truthfully, they don’t slam it too hard but defiantly call foul on Hollywoods Sequel-itis.

For a movie with a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score, people sure like to talk garbage about it. Honest Trailers, you heartless bastards!

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