The 2016 Presidential Election was one for the ages. No matter your political affiliation, you can’t deny that this was one of the most contentious, antagonistic, and downright nasty campaigns in recent history. Given the results of the election, it doesn’t appear that the current divide is going to be healed anytime soon. This was the ultimate “Marvel vs DC” campaign, times 1000, and this country will be feeling the effects for it for years and years to come. One thing that many people keeps saying about the two headliners was that they were the least liked candidates in recent memory and voters had to hold their noses and vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Some members of the electorate either opted not to vote, others had another idea in mind: the write-in candidate, and there were some interesting choices.

When doing a write-in candidate, you are choosing your own candidate who is not on the ballot. Many times this is seemed as a “protest vote,” where you don’t choose either of the headliners of the presidential tickets. There were more than 4,000 write-in candidates across the country write for the 2016 Presidential Election. Many candidates were serious people, others were… Batman. He has a strong commitment to justice and enacting wrongs. Let’s face it, if he wasn’t a vigilante, Bruce Wayne he would be heavily involved in politics (if he were real).

Voters in Osceola County, FL opted to write in for Batman for president. The Caped Crusader received more than 1,261 votes this election. Another write-in candidates included The Pope, Kanye West, Jesus Christ, and Harambe. While these people were note registered as official write-in candidates (and therefore the votes cast did not count), it still sends a message to the candidates: some people in the country would rather vote for a fictional character, a rapper, a savior, and a gorilla, than the choices we were given.

Source: Osceola News-Gazette via Screen Rant

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