We’re getting closer and closer to the first Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer as James Gunn releases a first look at a new alien character from the much-anticipated sequel. Gunn’s Facebook post identifies Stephen Blackehart (Super) who was in Guardians of the Galaxy as the Nowhere Dispatcher. This time though, Blackehart is under a lot more makeup, take a look after the jump.20140107103710077_0031

That’s Brahl from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic but his movie look isn’t as grandiose. Brahl first appeared in 1977 in Thor Annual #6 as a member of the Minions of Menace. His abilities include intangibility and energy blasts which pass on intangibility to his target. His recent comic book appearances routinely pits him against the GOTG gang so it isn’t much of a stretch to make him part of the Ravagers.

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