It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And the most expensive. Heating bills rise in the chilly weather, decorations aren’t exactly cheap and it seems like there are more and more people to buy for every year. It doesn’t help that the perfect gifts for the nerds you love can reach some eye-wateringly high prices. The passion of some collectors can drive costs to extremes. And that’s not always a bad thing. Without the fervour of people like that, a lot of cool comics and other interesting bits and pieces might never be propelled to the platforms they deserve. But it does mean that the common or garden nerd can be priced out of the some of the more exciting merchandise.

But there are plenty of places selling affordable gifts that even the most pernickety of nerds will love, if only you know where to look. Whether you’re looking for a simple stocking-filler, have a budget cap on your Secret Santa present, or are just trying to make your money stretch a little further this year, there is plenty out there to choose from that is wallet friendly without compromising on quality.


Pokémon Bookmarks from PenguinMage


Every bookworm has found themselves caught without a bookmark when they need one at some point. The flimsy place holders that are given away free at book and comic shops are too easily frayed or lost and there are only so many receipts and ticket stubs lying around that you can improvise with

Bookworms and comic collectors alike can be tricky to buy for, especially if you’re not sure what their favourites stories are or what they’re looking to add to their bookshelf. But you can never go wrong keeping their supply of bookmarks topped up. These designs from PenguinMage are the perfect way to indulge their nerdiness and give them a practical gift they’ll use every day.

The laminated bookmarks are made to be sturdy and durable. They come in styles that range through the comedic, the nostalgic and the creative, and are inspired by a number of different fandoms. Everything in the shop is based on something the creator is passionate about, so all the designs are both accurate and delightful, as well as being crafted with utmost care.


Nerdy notebooks


When someone consumes are many stories and characters and art as the typical nerd, it’s safe to assume that they are going to have something of a creative output of their own. While almost everyone has access to notebook apps on their phones, nothing quite compares to the experience of writing down all your ideas by hand. The connection between pen and paper has a unique impact on the brain’s creative function – and there’s plenty of freedom with the real life book to doodle in way that a text based app just doesn’t allow.

These fandom inspired notebooks are not only the ideal receptable for all your inventive friends’ brilliant ideas, but also keeps some of the stories that arouse their creative instincts close at hand. The range spans a number of popular games, movies and books including Suicide Squad, Deadpool and Game of Thrones.


Elf earbuds


The popularity of fantasy as a genre is at least in part down to its ability to transport us to new and magical worlds. Cosplay, first person fan fiction and all kinds of other imaginative outputs have all been developed in attempts by passionate nerds to try to get a little closer to living their dream alternate reality.

Fans that crave the muscle power of an orc or the metalwork dexterity of a dwarf might have to stick to Worbla and cold hard practice for now, but these elegant earbuds offer a step in the right diction for anyone wishing to join the ranks of the elves. The silver hair, glittering robs and general nobility, they’ll have to figure out for themselves for the time being, but having the ears down is at least a start.

Though prices for these in some places can reach over $30, don’t be put off by the three figure Japanese cost. It might look a little daunting, but it converts to an affordable price of less than $15.


The Geeky Chef Cookbook


It’s easier to imagine what the Doctor’s beloved fishfingers and custard dish might taste like than the Southern Water Tribe’s Five Flavour Soup from Avatar: The Last Airbender. But why wouldn’t you want to know for sure what they’d both taste like in real life?

Since 2008, The Geeky Chef has been experimenting with flavours and fantasy, bringing fictional food into the real world. Now, the best of those recipes have been compiled into a book that your nerdy baker friends can keep in their kitchen.

If you’ve ever wanted to try the Turkish delight that lured Edmund into the service of the evil Queen of Narnia or taste the Mudder’s Milk that Firefly‘s Jayne swears by or tuck into some barbecued buzzard wings a la World of Warcraft, buying this recipe book for the culinary whizz in your life just might be a your best bet.


Batman Projection Torch


For the most part, keyrings are the been there done that species of tired gift that most people are bored of long before they’re even old enough to have their own key. But, for the ultimate Bat fan in your life, this one might just break that mould. It may not be the keyring they need, but it may well be the one they deserve.

This is so much more than just a decoration – and, as far as Batman merchandise goes, it’s wonderfully affordable. As well as disaplaying a love of the caped crusader, its light function projects the Bat symbol onto any surface, so they can summon the Dark Knight at will, should they ever stumble into trouble on the streets of Gotham.




It might be a total cliché of a Christmas present, but it’s about time we came to terms with the fact that we are grown ups now and that means making sure that we have the correct amount of life’s boring necessities – like socks. Brighten up your bestie’s sock drawer with a bit of personality this Christmas in the form of their favourite fandom.

Whatever their pop culture poison might be, someone somewhere has inevitably put it on a sock. It’s like Rule 34, but for socks.

Whether your intended recipient is into Harry Potter or Studio Ghibli or Doctor Who or Game of Thrones, or basically anything that people have heard of, you’re bound to find a sock somewhere that indulges their interests and keeps their toes toasty this winter.

If you feel like socks won’t be such a smash hit, you could explore some other options in the realm of underthings and get some cool pants.


Pokémon Gym Leader certificate


No matter how many times we tell ourselves we’re going to grow out of Pokémon, it never quite happens. With each new generation, we fall back into those same old dreams of become a Pokémon Master. Training and battling and raising a team has become serious business and competitive playing is all the rage.

Treat your favourite Pokémon trainer to this certificate of merit that proves that their skill is so refined that they can handle themselves against any trainer that comes to battle them in their own Pokémon Gym. Fill out their name, their favourite type and their Pokémon team for the main bulk of the piece. You can choose between any of the existing Gym badges or, if you want to make the piece really personal, you can contact the maker and design one of your own just for them.

If you don’t think your friends would want to be in charge of their own Gym, they might prefer an honorary trainer ID card.


Baby Groot vinyl figure


Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 isn’t even out yet, but Baby Groot’s appearance in the trailer released just a few days ago has already cemented the little dude’s position as one of the movie’s most poular characters. He’s cute, he’s cool and he’s one hell of a badass.

You don’t need to be a collector of vinyl figures to want this adorable little guy in your life. Or on your desk. Any fan of the film is sure to be thrilled with this cute companion, who can found for very reasonable prices considering how expensive popular pieces like this can get.

If a simple figure isn’t quite the cup of tea of anyone you’re buying for, maybe they’d be tempted instead, by a Baby Groot that can dance.

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