The first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming will premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow and there’s a teaser out today to wet your Web Slinging appetite. There have been some changes to the Spider-suit since we last saw it in Captain America: Civil War. Take a look at the teaser and tell us what you think.Here’s Tom Holland and Jon Faverau in the teaser released today:

That teaser was pretty damn cool though… what did you think? OK, what’s in the case? Is it the Iron Spider-suit?


As cool as that might be, there was one big change that looked back to the original Spider-Man suit drawn by Steve Ditko. Did you notice the arm webs?



What else might we see tomorrow? If Spider-Man crushes it at the box office, could that change the FOX/Marvel dynamic, opening the way to bringing the X-Men or Fantastic Four back to Marvel in some sharing mode like Sony and Marvel worked out for Spider-Man?

We can only hope.

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