It’s been 9 years since the team behind How it Should Have Ended first tackled the Millennium Falcon-sized plot holes from Star Wars Episode IV. Much like some sort of bearded genius who can’t help but tinker with his own perfect creations against the will of an increasingly agitated public, The HISHE channel have now dusted off and updated their ropey-looking early work in recognition of the revival of the Star Wars Saga. Now it’s back, with extra scenes and an updated look to match the rest of the channel’s content style. It’s just in time to remind us that even if our new Star Wars heroes make the odd blunder, they aren’t any different from their 1977 counterparts.

The original Episode IVHow it should have ended” episode was what first catapulted the channel to success, and the creators wanted to pay proper tribute to the humble video that set them on their way to 6 million subscribers.

“Years ago the classic Star Wars HISHE caught the eye of the internet and was the episode that launched our channel into life. It holds a very special place in our hearts. But as the years passed we started seeing requests for a “special edition” since the original didn’t quite match the style of our later HISHE episodes.”

Of course, the arrival of Rogue One in theatres this weekend probably had something to do with the decision as well.

As well as presenting updated animations of the original sketches, the special edition includes a smattering of new scenes. Ever wondered what would happen if R2 went full Rambo on the Empire? Or if a handful of Imperial personnel decided to perform their jobs sensibly and efficiently? What about if Obi-Wan decided to save everyone a great deal of time and confusion by getting straight to the point? As usual the HISHE team tackle these pressing questions (and more) with hilarity and aplomb. The filmmakers behind the ongoing Star Wars saga can rest easy knowing that their every script mistake and inconsistency will be dutifully mocked and torn to shred by the very best. We can’t wait to see what they make of Rogue One.

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