No one likes The Star Wars Holiday Special….and no one SHOULD. Even George Lucas has expressed regret over allowing it to happen. But here we are again. All those Wookiee Life day memories come flooding back, thanks to this newest holiday video featuring Chewbacca.

Chewie sings the Wookiee version of “Silent Night”. The clip comprises several clips from across all the Star Wars movies, and sounds just as one might expect – like a symphony of coke cans being streaked across a desk. It’s magical. 

Alright, so the lyrics might not be recognizable but the tune is all there.

What a cheerfully stupid video to end on what was otherwise a suck ass year. There were maybe 4 good movies all year. Trump won the presidency. A ton of really dope celebrity and musicians dieded. Very easy to be finding oneself with a lack of joy. But look at this, an 8-ft tall walking carpet, who’s best mate died via a fatal stabbing not a year ago, still manages to get his sh*t together find some holiday cheer.

Going into 2017, which is seemingly waiting around the corner waiting with a pie to the face, it’s important to remember: you are with the force and force is with you. Remember that and all will be well.


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