The extra few days off the west gets over the festive period for Christmas and New Year is a time that every nine-to-five worker looks forward to all year round. A few days off to hang out with friends and family, eat the homeliest of hot dinners, drink without concern for the consequences and spend a little while putting the world’s problems aside for a bit and just relax, settle into the couch and let time slip by. This year, HBO is making all your chill out time easier to mange to filling, well, all of it with a Game of Thrones marathon.

Now six seasons in, it’s fair to say that the duels and death and bloody, brutal battles are getting to be a lot to juggle. What makes the politics of the game so gripping, after all, is how underhanded and sneaky the characters can be, the curveballs they throw into the plot. But it does make it complicated.

So for anyone looking to refresh their memory of everything that’s happened so far – or anyone who is simply eager to relive it in all its glory from the very beginning – HBO2 are airing every episode from seasons one through six between Christmas and New Year.

The marathon is due to begin at midday ET/PT on Monday December 26th, airing all ten episodes of the first season back to back throughout the course of the day. Between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, the channel will be screening another full season each day from midday, culminating with all of season six on Saturday December 31st.

With just over a week left until the end of the year and a lot of obligatory Christmas stuff to pack into at least a couple of those days, it’s easy to assume that there is simply not enough time to catch up with the whole run before 2017. But HBO is making it very easy to make sure that every one of us will be Game of Thrones experts by the New Year without having to leave the comforts of our own couches.

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