‘Deadpool’ Gets The Cinema Sins Treatment


For all the joy that our favourite movies bring us by being clever and funny and exciting, there is another level of enjoyment altogether that comes with giving them a little poke in their flaws. Nothing makes it clear how much you love something like an affectionate roast. And no one loves movies quite like the guys at Cinema Sins. They have made it their mission to give every movie a thorough critique, with every plot hole, every clumsy moment, every hastily made decision exposed. No release is immune from the treatment and this week they’ve taken on Deadpool.

The famous self-awareness of the Merc with the Mouth seems like it should make this video a really easy one – after all, Deadpool is the first person to call out the writers when something seems a bit too convenient. The blunt and sassy approach to having writers controlling everything around him has become an integral part of Deadpool’s character. He just wouldn’t be the same without his habit of breaking the fourth wall to address his writers and his audience directly and referencing the real world circumstances of his creation.

This is even acknowledged in a bonus round at the end of the video, which credits the movie with a sin removed for everything that Deadpool picked up on of his own accord.

But, understandably distracted by his mission and his hunt for Francis, there are a few that he missed out. And that’s where Jeremy and the team step in. They make no secret of their own fondness for the film, but don’t let that hold them back from giving it a comprehensive critique.

The sixteen minute long video – impressive, even by Cinema Sins record, given The Room only filled a comparably brief eight minutes – pays homage to the movie in its catalogue of everything wrong with Deadpool.

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