Mary Tyler Moore Has Died At The Age of 80

The golden girl of early television comedy, an award winning actress and an advocate for the rights of animals and awareness of illnesses, Mary Tyler Moore lived a truly profound life. It was announced today that the Hollywood icon has died at the age of eighty. Moore’s representative, Mara Buxbaum gave an official statement announcing the star’s passing, but gave no further information about the cause. Some have speculated that the cause was the Type 1 diabetes, or complications resulting from it, with which she had struggled since the age of 33, as it had a significant negative impact on her health in the past few years.

It was reported by TMZ that she had been in hospital on a respirator for at least a week before her death.

After rising to fame on The Dick van Dyke show in the 1960s, she had her own programme in the 1970s, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Throughout her career she worked with everyone from Julie Andrews to Elvis Presley and played such a vast array of characters that she has left behind her a distinctly diverse cinematic and theatrical legacy. Having filmed her first ever television episode back in 1959, her career remained active for more than half a century, right up until her most recent televised appearance on Hot in Cleveland in 2013.

As well as being an enormously talented actress, she devoted a lot of her time to charitable efforts, using her celebrity status to raise both funds and awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Her efforts both supported and inspired great advances into treatments for the illness. She also spent a lot of her time promoting efforts to make life easier for animals, both those kept as pets and those in farms.

Her strength of character, in an age when women were often overlooked, made her an icon at a time when women needed a role model. She has been consistently highly acclaimed and rightly admired figure for generation after generation.

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