Castlevania. It’s long been one of Nintendo‘s marquee game franchise going back to the first Castlevania on the original NES way back in 1986. As the systems have been upgraded, so have the games, and like every other vampire hunter before him, Simon Belmont’s campaign to destroy all vampires has been ongoing and never-ending. The battle will move to Netflix later this year with a new animated series, and we’ve gotten our first piece of art from the show. Nothing flashy, just a poster, but it does set a tone. The moat beneath Castlevania is about to run red with blood. (We presume).

Courtesy of Adi Shankar‘s Facebook page, check this out:

There’s no word on what the plot of the series will be, but the rumour mill says that the focus will be on a previously unseen member of the Belmont clan, whose destiny is to fight vampires, but in 2015 it was supposed that the plot of the series might be based on the third Castlevania game, Dracula’s Curse. What we know for sure is that there will be four, 30-minute episodes penned by comic book writer Warren Ellis with Shankar, Fred Seibert and Kevin Kolde co-producing. And one more thing, “Furthermore, I personally guarantee that it will end the streak and be the western world’s first good video game adaptation,” Shankar added when the project was officially announced earlier this month.

Castlevania will be in your Netflix queue sometime later this year, likely in the fourth quarter of 2017. For further reading, check out Nerd Bastards own interview with Ari Shankar, which can be found here.

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