Taika Waititi‘s  Thor: Ragnarok recently stormed the Internet with a new trailer that quickly shot the feature to the forefront of everyone’s minds as the trailer became the fasted viewed in the history of Marvel films. While everyone had questions, one that slipped many people’s minds, except those that are primarily comic book fans, why isn’t Jeff Goldblum‘s Grandmaster blue like in the comics? Waititi recently answered that question.

IGN got the chance to ask director Taika Waititi about the change in color and got this simple answer:

Because he did another movie where he was blue…

Yes, he is talking about 1988’s Earth Girls Are Easy where Goldblum played a furry blue alien that crash landed in Geena Davis‘ pool.

There must be some inviisible line about playing more than one blue-skinned alien in your acting career. Goldblum’s blue tinted hair does make a nod toward the blue of the comic style Grandmaster though. What do you think, would it have distracted you from his performance if he had been blue? Goldblum has described the character as:


He’s a hedonist, a pleasure-seeker, an enjoyer of life and tastes and smells. I’m working on my part every day. I’m a sponge, researching.

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