More than fifteen years after the publication of Neil Gaiman‘s Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel American Gods, Starz broadcast the first episode of the television adaptation today. Though it’s still incredibly recent, advanced previews are already getting great reviews, from long time fans of the book and people coming to the series with fresh eyes alike. It seems that the various components of the series, after fans have ached for it for so many years, have fallen into place in a way that will at meet high expectations, with a stellar cast including Ricky Whittle as protagonist Shadow Moon and Ian McShane as his con artist Old God mentor, Mr Wednesday.

Gaiman himself was executive producer on the series, with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green helping to develop the story as showrunners. The three of them have recently been all over the media promoting the new show and, in an interview with Yahoo, the conversation shifted away from this project and onto others they might undertake in the future.

In particular, they discussed the potential for an adaptation of Gaiman’s famous comic series The Sandman. It’s not the first time people have discussed bringing this particular story to the screen. It’s an incredibly popular series of comics and, as recently as two years ago, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was involved in an adaptation that never came to be, since setback after setback has stopped it from ever happening.

With the new show proving popular already, it’s as good a time as any to see what the creator thinks of further adaptations.

Gaiman, Fuller and Green are all on board.

Gaiman made it clear that an adapation of The Sandman wouldn’t only be his call though – the rights actually belong to DC – but he’d be up for a television adaptation by Fuller and Green if the company could be convinced. He said,

“I’m hoping that the success of American Gods will show Time Warner that maybe something as huge and shapeless and strange as Sandman would be best suited to television, with the likes of the dangerous maniacs sitting next to me making it.”

Fuller seemed very enthusiastic about the potential project, saying,

“Those comics are so filled with so much story, and so much humanity and such visual candy — try to stop us if we have half the opportunity.”


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