If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of The Flash, then you need to stop everything that you’re doing and go watch it. And when you’re done, come back here. Now, for those of you who have seen it, the only way to describe the last few moments is “wow.” Titled, “I Know Who You Are,” the big mystery surrounding the identity of Savitar was finally answered. If you’ve been completely oblivious to everything, then this was probably a big surprise to you. But if you’re like every other obsessed fan out there with access to the internet and various forums, then the reveal may not have been as big of a moment as it should have been. But that shouldn’t matter because people know who Savitar really is. It answers a lot of questions that have been brewing throughout the season, but it also brings up a whole new tier. Warning: There will definitely be spoilers inside.

In true Flash form, the episode begins with Barry confronting Savitar and telling him he knows who he really is. And then a time jump to 16 hours earlier happens and you watch as it all begins to unravel itself before your eyes. Continued from last episode, the team sets out to find Tracy Brand, the scientist who developed the tech to trap Savitar, and see if can help them out in any way in the present. When they find her, they discover that she’s begun burning all of her work as she’s just failed her doctorate. However, already knowing the future, the team does what they can to convince her to keep going. HR even takes a liking to her. But their efforts are interrupted as Killer Frost makes an appearance and tries to kill Tracy. Barry manages to save her but gets hit in the process. Cisco confronts Killer Frost but hesitates and is then hurled over a counter by Frost’s powers. Barry acts quickly and uses his powers combined with a blow torch to thwart off Caitlin for the time being.

After a trip to the CCPD, Tracy makes her way to the bus station. HR catches up with her at Jitters where he tries to get information out of her with the help of Cisco in his ear. During their coffee date, Killer Frost shows up to take another shot at Tracy. Luckily the rest of the team is near by to stop her. And once again, Cisco hesitates to take a shot at Caitlin which results in Barry getting hurt. Back at the lab, the team explains everything to Tracy and her part in everything. She’s initially overwhelmed by the pressure but HR manages to get her to work for them. Julian confront Cisco about his hesitation regarding Caitlin. After applying some pressure, Cisco comes out saying that he’s afraid to fight back for fear of killing her.

Not long after agreeing to help the team, Tracy runs off. After quickly researching her, HR figures out where to find her. Tracking her down to a park with a statue of Galileo, he finally talks her into finally working with the team. While one couple seems to be blossoming, another looks like it’s about to fall apart as Joe and Cecile go over their struggles. Joe breaks things off with her over fear that she’s going to get hurt if he learns about his “complicated” life. But as she leaves his house she’s captured by Killer Frost and taken hostage in exchange for Tracy. The team shows up with a plan, but Caitlin seems to be in sync as to what their plan is. Almost as if she planned it herself. But she says that she learned everything from Savitar. A battle ensues and Caitlin manages to freeze Barry, but Cisco overcomes his worries and is able to defeat her. He then takes a blood sample to work on a cure for her.

Later that night, Barry, Iris, and Wally welcome home Joe at the West household. That’s when Barry finally puts all of the pieces together and discovers who Savitar really is. He races off to confront him and it’s the scene that started the episode. There’s a reason why Savitar has always been one step ahead of the team, why he knows everyone’s weakness and how to exploit them. The final scene of the episode ends with Savitar revealing himself to be Barry’s future self.

While this is nothing compared to what happening to The Flash in the comics, this is still quite the reveal. As far as other big reveals, the twist concerning the identity of Zoom still remains the top reveal of the series. That shouldn’t take away from this moment though. The reason why it’s probably second to that moment with Zoom is because fans of the show have gotten smarter. By the time the show had gone on it’s three week hiatus, theories about Barry being Savitar had already begun to surface on the internet. By tonight’s episode, it was all but confirmed.

So who is this version of Barry? Is it really Barry from the future because it doesn’t entirely make sense. What went wrong that would cause Barry to turn into a serial killer? And where did he get that scar? Answers! Fans need answers! Maybe this is Barry from one of the endless, possible futures. This Barry could have experienced the worst of everything and is here to take out all of his aggression on this Barry. Time is such a confusing thing.

Was anyone else glad that Cecile was finally let in on the picture? How long could she have dated Joe without knowing? And how is it that she had no clue as to what was going on? Maybe, like Joe, she chose to be oblivious to it all because it would mean no longer having a normal life. Whatever the reason, Cecile should make a great addition to Team Flash…if she even gets to play a part in it.

It’s time to talk about that cure for Caitlin. By now, you should know that Killer Frost is one of those iconic villains from the DC universe. The character is so popular and so well known that she was given her own one-shot in DC’s Rebirth Universe as well as made a member of The Justice League America after the Suicide Squad had a little battle against them. Getting Caitlin Snow back would be wonderful. She’s developed into a strong female lead and is an important part of team flash. But happens to that iconic villain, Killer Frost? Maybe it’s a struggle that not only will the writers have to deal with but the fans as well. Either way, Danielle Panabaker is great as Caitlin Snow and she’s great as Killer Frost. On a final note, does having a cure for Caitlin mean a cure for all meta-humans? Or just her?

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s all-new episode.

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