For a series about the remnants of humanity barely scraping by while fighting amongst themselves as well as the horde of undead monsters on the other side of the wall, it’s not really unusual for a character to get the ax every now and again. Anyone who reads The Walking Dead, which recently published its 167th issue, knows not to get too attached to their favorite characters, but sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Beware of SPOILERS in what follows because series creator and writer, Robert Kirkman, felt so moved by his decision to kill off another major character, he actually apologized for it at the end of the issue.

It should come as no surprise that a writer who has committed 167 issues over the previous 14+ years has become attached to his characters. Most of the core members of the original party of survivors have joined the ranks of the dead, but for fan-favorite, Andrea, it seemed that she was as safe as Rick… As anyone who read issue #165 knows, she went and got herself bit while driving a massive horde of the undead into the sea.

She returned to Alexandria and what followed was an irregularly long issue dealing with the loss. It’s clear that Kirkman struggled through his decision to kill off the character and in an uncharacteristic move, he came right out and apologized for it. Instead of explaining the legendary creator’s words for him, we snagged a scan of the page in question for you to read for yourself:

The letter from the creator was certainly a surprise. Following one of the most heart-wrenching issues of the series since the last time a core member of the survivors was killed, we turn the page and find a direct message from the man behind it all. Kirkman clearly struggled with his decision to kill Andrea, but sometimes the writer has to let the characters evolve on the page in a natural way.

Fans would have abandoned the series long ago if it was clear that everyone was safe from the dead–it’s Kirkman’s ability to take our favorites like Glen out of the picture every so often or the series would have gone stale years ago. These deaths keep us on our toes and make the books interesting. While some fans might rage-quit the series over the death of one of their favorite characters, others will appreciate the sacrifice Kirkman made in helping to drive the story–and the survivors forward onto the next… whatever may come.

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