Indie cinema’s bad boy who blasted his way into the mainstream movie scene as Marvel‘s billionaire playboy genius Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr is the cool kid that everyone in the playground wants to hang out with. As generous as he is suave and apparently limitlessly talented, there are people out there who would give a lot just to hang out with him for one day. But, with a new fundraising initiative aiming to raise money for Random Act Funding, the charity co-founded by Robert and Susan Downey, you now have the opportunity to spend a day with the actor on the set of the next Avengers movie.

For as little as $10, you can get one hundred entries into the competition. The more you pay, the more chances you get to win, along with a number of cool goodies that come with the bigger donations. These range from T shirts to signed posters to Iron Man Funkos and figurines. There is even the chance to get an exclusive piece of signed concept art from the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming movie, which will also see a cameo from Robert Downey Jr, which has a mysterious question mark over its thumbnail. This prize also comes with 75,000 entries in the draw to win.

All the money goes towards  the Random Act Funding, which has worked with a wide variety of local, national and global charities since it was launched. Every penny raised in this particular effort will go to a charity that the winner will get to decide along with the Downeys.

The winner and a friend will get flown out to the set and treated to a stay in a four star hotel in this opportunity to become what the website describes as a “real-life superhero for a deserving charity”.

The competition is being run via Omaze and fans have until June 15th to enter here:

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