It looks like The New Mutants has found it’s Wolfsbane and Magik. Earlier today THR broke the news that Maisie Williams had been cast in the role of Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy had been chosen to play Magik. Now this news isn’t really that surprising since it’s been known that director, Josh Boone, has been eyeing the two actresses to play these roles ever since he was brought on board. Now that his wishes have come true, he can move on and cast the rest of the film. But who’s next? Maybe Boone will work on rumor that Alexandra Shipp could come back to reprise her roll as Storm from X-Men: Apocalypse.

Wolfsbane, whose real name is Rahne Sinclair, has the mutant power of lycanthropy. However, she’s not a werewolf. The difference between her and a werewolf, though, is that she’s not bound by the limitations of a werewolf such as being only to transform during a full moon, etc. She hails from Scotland and her mother was a prostitute. Sadly, she would die while giving birth to Rahne. She was raised by a local minister who, unbeknownst to her, was actually her father. He instilled upon her a strict and moral code to make up for the mistake “which led to her conception.”

Out of the two characters, Magik is probably more well known. Not because of her mutant abilities, but because she’s the sister to one of the greatest X-Men, Colossus. Also known by her real name, Illyana Rasputin, Magik is one of the more complex mutants out there. Her power of sorcery allows her to teleport to various locations, create projectiles, magical armor, and more. As a young child, she was kidnapped and raised by a demon known as Belasco. He ruled a world known as Limbo. It’s there that Illyana developed her powers. She soon overthrew Belasco as ruler of Limbo. When her powers of teleportation emerged, she was finally able to leave. Although she continued to remain it’s ruler.

The casting of the two actresses seem to be on point. Many of you should be familiar with Maisie William’s work if you’ve ever seen Game Of Thrones. If not, just trust others when they say she’s good at what she does. And she’ll be just fine raging on her enemies when the time comes.

Anya Taylor-Joy definitely looks the part, and will probably stick the role as well. She was recently in the film Thoroughbred, but is more well-known for her part in the film Split starring her possible future co-star James McAvoy. There are plenty of rumors going around regarding other casting for the film, but nothing has been confirmed. If it seems weird that all of this news is beginning to pour out, it’s because the timing coincides with the release date which Fox released a couple of weeks ago.

With this news breaking, you can expect more information regarding the other team members to come out soon. They include: Cannonball, Mirage, Warlock, Cypher, Sunspot, Karma, and Magma. Although it’s unsure if all of them will be used.

The New Mutants is scheduled to debut in theaters on  April 13, 2018. Production is set to begin some time later this year.

Source: moviweb

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