Adult Swim pulled a fast one on fans when they ‘leaked’ the first episode for Rick and Morty’s third season as a reverse April Fool’s gag, but fans have been eagerly awaiting more of the hit show. Adult Swim has granted us all a reprieve from the disturbingly long wait for more content and it came in the form of a surprise tie-in with the release of Alien: Covenant. While that film isn’t receiving the greatest reviews right now, it fits perfectly into a universe that sees a brilliantly deranged alcoholic scientist who travels the cosmos getting into wacky adventures. 

The short came as a bit of a surprise, but it is indeed a sponsored deal with Fox for the new Alien flick. Even so, it’s nice to see Rick and Morty doing anything while we await episode two. Here’s the clip:

Typical Morty wants to go check out a distress signal, which Rick wants to ignore. This is classic Rick and Morty, but we see the ship they travel to save and it might seem just a bit too familiar with anyone who has watched an Alien film in the last few decades. That’s one of those pesky Engineer’s ships… they usually have something nasty running about and that’s exactly what happens when a Facehugger jumps out at rick before quickly coming off of his face, dead.

So, that’s all it takes to get rid of a Facehugger? Years of alcoholism and drug abuse will kill them nearly instantly, which is saying something for a species whose blood is a highly corrosive acid. Not sure if this is a good thing for Rick or not, but given that any Xenomorph borne of his body would have gone on to rule the galaxy… or just run up a huge bar tab somewhere, it’s probably for the best. Regardless, it was nice to see some Rick and Morty on the Internet today, even if it was trying to get people to check out a movie that looks like it will flop at the box office.

Alien: Covenant was released on May 19th.

Rick and Morty will return to Adult Swim… sometime in the future… they haven’t released the premiere date for episode two, which is titled “Rickmancing the Stone”. Keep an eye on NerdBastards on news and updates for the hit animated series as well as all of your Nerdly news!

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