Who are these people?! These are two pictures from the latest Star Wars edition of Vanity Fair taken by the legendary Annie Leibovitz, a group of aliens dressed to the nines like a wierdo looking cosplay version of an extravagant James Bond casino scene. Funny we should note that because that’s just the feeling its supposed to invoke when you watch the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The photo reveals a hint at what will be a key scene in the upcoming Episode VIII and what may be a key scene for FN-2187, Finn FN-2187. Welcome to Canto Bight. 

You might have heard about Canto Bight at Star Wars Celebration, or in the coverage of Star Wars Celebration, but it’s basically the Monte Carlo of the Star Wars universe, a bright and shiny city that attracts the crème de la crème of the galaxy’s upper crust. According to Vanity Fair, this scene is functionally designed to be The Last Jedi’s Cantina scene or Maz Kanata’s rest stop in The Force Awakens, while the sequence plays out like something akin to Casino Royale  or To Catch a Thief.

“It was an interesting challenge, portraying luxury and wealth in this universe,” said writer/director Rian Johnson. “I was thinking, ‘Okay, let’s go ultra-glamour. Let’s create a playground, basically, for rich assholes.'”

In the scene, Finn (played by the returning John Boyega) and Resistance maintenance worker Rose (played by Kelly Marie Tran) journey to Canto Bight undercover to find a “slicer” portrayed by Justin Theroux. A “slicer” is the Star Wars equivalent of a hacker, and the Resistance needs him in order to break Benicio Del Toro‘s character out of space prison. Aside from the plot requirement, Johnson adds that the intent of the scene is to bring some humour and lightness to what’s going to be a fairly dark story in The Last Jedi.

“I didn’t want this to be a dirge, a heavy-osity movie,” he said. “So one thing I’ve tried really hard to do is keep the humor in there, to maintain the feeling, amid all the heavy operatic moments, that you’re on a fun ride.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theatres everywhere this December.

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