Presently, Marvel Comics has been running its mega-crossover Secret Empire, the heart-warming tale about how Captain America has been a sleeper agent for HYDRA the last eight decades and finally sprung the trap to betray his fellow heroes and destroy America. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this wasn’t the end of the tale. For while HYDRA proceeds with its terrible agenda, it was revealed that there’s been a second Captain America proverbially, perhaps literally, lost in the wilderness as his doppelganger’s been taking over the world. What’s next? How about another Marvel hero pledging his allegiance to HYDRA, and if you know the man’s work, then it shouldn’t be all that surprising…

Yup, that’s Frank “The Punisher” Castle with a brand new HYDRA inspired skull shirt hailing HYDRA. The revelation comes at the end of issue #3 of Secret Empire, which hits comic book store shelves today. Should we be surprised? The Punisher’s always had a kind of authoritarian view of crime fighting being judge, jury and executioner in his one-man war on New York’s underworld, but to go full-Nazi? Perhaps HYDRA, who really knows how to put the “order” in “New World Order”, gets Castle like no other organization can. They’re not going to blink twice about shooting some gangbangers in the name of keeping the peace.

Still, Punisher in the past has demonstrated anti-authoritarian tendencies. He sided with Captain America’s Secret Avengers in the first Civil War, and he’s certainly seemed to have some camaraderie with the Captain in the past despite their incredibly different philosophies. Perhaps that respect is owed to the fact that they’re both veterans. So why has Punisher thrown in with HYDRA, because they’re going to let him do what he wants, or is it loyalty to Captain America? Interesting question, and one that will hopefully be answered as Secret Empire unfolds over the summer.

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