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A few days back Heroic Hollywood‘s head honcho, Umberto Gonzalez‏, revealed that a new intro for the DC Extend Universe will debut before Wonder Woman (he was asked about it on twitter and he repliedCONFIRMED! It’s ?????” so yes there is a new intro and I am guessing 5 fires is a good thing? Bad? Should someone dial 9-1-1?) Now just hours away from the early screenings of the new DCEU film a it has apparently leaked online.
As a personal rule, I never like leaky buttcam (ew) footage because it really does spoil the experience of seeing it up there on the big screen. In this instance I’m sharing because after viewing it I think you’ll agree it warrants a little discussion, so hit play and let’s talk.


Well then… THAT looks a little familiar, doesn’t it? It is really not surprising that the studio would try and invoke the tone and feel of the much loved Justice League Unlimited animated series, but they really didn’t go the subtle route, huh? Here, compare for yourself.

From the opening montage of the big seven (hey there Green Lantern, miss you) and the closing line-up of ever damn cape and tight hero you can think of, well… tell me that doesn’t give you chills. With the consensus being that Wonder Woman is part do a newer/brighter direction for the DCEU and the way the trailer for this Fall’s Justice League movie, this new intro really sells that bright future.

Hell, if Warner Bros. just wants to send everything in this movie universe that direction, I don’t think fans and movie goers would complain one bit.

What do you think, does the new intro count as the harbinger of good things for for the future of the DC Films? What is next for the DCEU? Where is Booster Gold in that big line up of heroes?




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