Now that Supergirl has wrapped up its first season on The CW and second season overall, it’s time to look to the third season’s rumors and confirmations. We learned yesterday that the teased villain to come to the series in last week’s finale, “Worldkiller” Reign was confirmed as the show’s ‘big bad’ for the upcoming season. The casting announcement has placed House: MD alum, Odette Annable as the new series regular and all around supervillain intent on ruining Supergirl’s day on her quest to take over the world.

Annable is probably best known for her performances on House: MD and Banshee, but she has previously worked with Supergirl producer Greg Berlanti on the show Brothers & Sisters. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg released a statement about the casting addressing the casting:

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years….We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

For those fans of the series who aren’t as familiar with the comics, Reign is a Worldkiller; a group of super-powered beings created by Kryptonian scientists. There are five Worldkillers in total, all of whom were taken as infants by the scientists to a Kryptonian space station to be genetically modified and improved into more robust versions of themselves. Reign and three others awoke to find the station damaged and were able to locate Earth where they traveled intent on conquering the planet.

This is what made Reign and her fellow Worldkillers enemies of Supergirl and it all started in Supergirl #5, written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with pencils by Mahmud A. Asrar. The Worldkillers were introduced with the New 52 reboot and the one who was missing when Reign and her comrades awoke could be Doomsday as some fans have opined on the Internet.

The overall story and character of Reign hasn’t been released by the network or producers–we will have to wait and see the new season for that! They did mention that the visual look for the character will differ from the comic, which is probably a good thing given Annable’s physical appeal would only be diminished with grey paint, a red wig, and a nasty disposition.

We will continue to post news and information related to Supergirl as well as the other Flarrowverse series and all your favorite nerdly news as it becomes available so keep an eye on NerdBastards for more!

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