There’s a new photo from the set of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story floating around the Internet which just might be the first look at where Han Solo came from. The Spanish site Canarias7 certainly thinks so. Check out the set picture below.

Currently filming on Fuerteventura an island off the coast of Spain, this set from Han Solo: A Star Wars Story certainly has that Star Wars feel, but is it on Corellia? Here’s what Canarias7 had to say:

The hometown of Han Solo emerges from the white sand of the Jandía Natural Park. The inhabitants of this place, of the planet Corellia, live in some damaged igloos and under the remains of ships and other intergalactic scrap. It is the first image of the setting where for two weeks Disney and Sur Films will film the movie.

Corellia… could be, but there is another explaination that seems to make more sense – Tatooine. Han has to have some dealings with Jabba the Hutt and or Boba Fett and Tatooine would be the place for both of those to happen. While some sources on other sites have reportedly shot down Tatooine as a location, that could be smoke and mirrors at this point.

Where do you think this location might fall in the Star Wars universe?

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