The director of the hit film District 9, Neil Blomkamp has come out with some new information regarding the film’s potential sequel/spinoff fans have been clamoring for since the film was released in 2009. Additionally, Blomkamp has killed all rumor and speculation about the state of Alien 5, the Alien film he had been working on for a number of years.

With the release of this year’s Alien: Covenant following 2012s Prometheus, series creator Ridley Scott has taken back the reigns of the franchise and has no plans on relinquishing it anytime soon. That essentially means that Blomkamp’s work on Aliens 5 has come to an end. In an interview with The Verge regarding the project, he said:

“I think it’s totally dead, yes. That would be an accurate assumption at this point. It’s sad. I spent a long time working on that, and I feel like it was really pretty awesome. But politically, the way it’s gone now, and the way that it all is — it’s just not going to live.”

Blomkamp’s original plan for the Aliens film was to do a direct sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens; working as if Alien 3 was never made. Fans were somewhat divided on this since the same was tried in 2006 with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, a film that disregarded several sequels and only confused a number of fans. Of course, there were many fans of the original films who were looking forward to Blomkamp’s take on the franchise, but it’s just not going to happen. When pushed further to explain what he meant by “politically”, he clarified that he wanted to be “respectful and not go stamping around in this world that he created.”

Blomkamp has decided to take some time away from making feature films to work on his newly formed Oats Studios. The new company will focus on creating short films to stream on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean he is backing away from his previous work and the long-awaited sequel. He has expressed an interest in returning to the world of District 9:

“With District 9, I plan on making another film in that world. To go back and work with WETA, and make the film would be cool, but anything that pre-exists like that may not be the best fit for whatever we’re trying here.”

Considering his comments, it seems a direct sequel to the 2009 film won’t be in the cards, but a spin-off within the same world might see the light of day. There is no timeline to speak of and at this point, it’s all just rumor and speculation, but from the sound of it, Blomkamp intends to return to the world of Alien Apartheid and that’s something fans of his work can look forward to.

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