In the land of comic books, this one is a doozy. If you haven’t read the latest issue of Batman in DC’s Rebirth Universe, then you should bookmark this article and come back. What happens in it is pretty big. In the pages and on the big screen, the big, black bat has always been kind of a loner ever since his parents died (spoiler alert). Aside from Alfred, maintaining a close and personal relationship has been out of the question. This issue explores why he’s been a loner. It doesn’t go into too much detail, but it does ask the right questions. At the end of it all, it pushes him to do something no one saw coming.

To understand what’s going on right now, you need to go back in time and revisit The Button. This was a four-part story arc that teamed Batman and The Flash. Long story short, in the DC Universe exists a multiverse. It was something created to explain all the different versions of superheroes that existed at the same time. In the current story, Flash and Batman have discovered that an outside influence has had an affect on their lives. It seems that all of these universes are beginning to meld into one. While working on solving the problem at hand, Flash and Batman stumble upon an alternate reality in which Batman’s father had lived to become Batman and Bruce Wayne had died when the Waynes were robbed in the alley on that fateful night. This was a reality that should have been wiped from existence when The Flash “corrected” it. However, for some reason, there it was – still existing.

When story arc finished, Bruce’s dad left him with him with parting words that hasn’t been able to get out of his head. In the moments where the alternate universe finally began to erase from existence, Thomas Wayne told Bruce to stop being Batman. These were big words coming from a father you haven’t seen or spoken to since he was killed. To have his final, final words to you to stop being Batman is a big deal. And something that he had mulled over for a couple of issues.

In issue number 24, it all builds up to this one moment in the final pages where he asks Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, to marry him. Readers are left dangling as they await her answer. So will she or won’t she? That’s the big question. And what will happen to Batman when this is all said and done? Bruce Wayne? Cutting yourself off from loved ones isn’t something new for superheroes. They all believe that by doing so you’re saving the ones you love. What of the loner, though? What happens to Bruce Wayne? Could this distract him from the task at hand? The isolationism is part of who he has become.

Some have begun to wonder if this will make Batman too “soft.” Others have already started to speculate the the terrible things that may result in a marriage between the two. Some of those things include the Joker and how much he’ll enjoy torturing them. Who knows? First things, first. Catwoman still has to say yes.

Batman #24 is out in local comic shops today, but quantity may be limited. Written by Tom King, it features the art of David Finch, Clay Mann, and Danny Miki.

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