The announcements made at this year’s E3 conference have heralded some enormous news for gaming culture. Games across the board are looking more exciting and engaging and realistic than ever. The new consoles and accessories launched alongside them are creating innovative new ways to experience gaming with every new release. One new trailer that turned every head in the room – and plenty across the globe, too – was for God of War, the new Playstation 4 game from Santa Monica Studios due for release early next year. Although it is the eighth instalment in the God of War series, the new game is entirely unique.

The whole thing has been built from the ground up, meaning that the game suddenly looks and feels very different from its predessors, taking advantage of the new capabilities of the latest consoles and exploiting them to perfection.

The originality and innovation also extends to the story. Although fans of the franchise will undoubtedly find many aspects of the game very familiar, this version offers something of a soft reboot.

It has given the series a new foundation, for instance. Whereas the previous games were based on Greek mythology, the new one will focus instead on the Norse gods. A new character has also been added: the protagonist Kratos will now fight in the company of his son, Atreus, though the game will be predominantly single-player.

Some of changes won’t be especially unexpected to fans of the game. Anyone who played God of War III – the chronological prequel to the new game – will remember Kratos losing his signature double-chained blades at the end of the story. The new game has not brought these back from the dead: instead, he now wields a magical battle axe.

So far it looks like the new game has done a great job of blending the popular aspects of the franchise so far with changes that will thrust it into the future and in an all new direction that definitely has a market.

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