The first full short from Neill Blomkamp‘s experimental studio Oats is out with some familiar faces that inclulde Sigourney Weaver. Rakka is set in 2020 in a post alien invasion Texas. Take a look below.

What did you think? This is the first of three films in the set. Blomkamp said:

The original idea was to make make a science fiction piece that was about an occupying force in a foreign country, and it kind of grew around that. I always wanted to do a science fiction invasion piece that had direct parallels with an occupying force in a country, like the Germans in France, or Americans in Iraq. There’s these levels of armed troops that are walking through neighborhoods, and well-built buildings, and local politicians have been turned or manipulated. There is a lot of stuff in there that I felt was really interesting, and to look at it from a different point of view is really cool. That’s where the seed was from.


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